Practical Information

Costs for Participants

Participation Fee

In order to cover conference costs (accomodation & food) we require a registration fee of 25 euros from each conference participant. The participation fee must be transfered to the university bank account after confirming your participation!

Travel Costs

We kindly advise students to ask their universities to cover their travel expenses. For those who cannot get such a form of financial support, ECOLAS (The consortium of European Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences) will provde partial reimbursement.
We are very thankful to ECOLAS for its support of the conference!


All conference participants will be provided with accomodation in a hostel in Vilnius.
LESC 2020 will provide housing for conference participants from the evening of Thursday, the 14th May until the evening of Sunday, the 17th May. If you arrive earlier and leave later than these dates, contact us as soon as possible and we will try to provide you accomodation for additional day(s).

For those who need a visa to attend the conference, the university will help with the procedure and a visa will be for free. BUT: keep in mind that the process is not quick, so if you need a visa, please, just after our acceptance of your proposals, fill in immediately the logistics form, which you will receive from us. We must provide all the necessary personal data at the very beginning of March!

Time of Arrival and Departure

The conference is set to begin early on Thursday afternoon (approximately 4 pm) and continue until late Sunday afternoon.

Our organization team will do all their best to make your time in Lithuania full of fun as well as to help you to go deeper into the topics of liberal education!

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